Do I Need Digital Transformation?

Are you tracking projects in spreadsheets? Project managers love spreadsheets – and they’re easy to create and email around. The problem is, the moment you send out that assignment spreadsheet in an email, it’s out of date. Why? Because John was planning on taking Wednesday off but hadn’t told you yet. No problem, you update the spreadsheet and send it out again. And again, and again… every time something changes. Soon, you have a dozen versions saved everywhere and no one can figure out which one is the right one. There’s a better way.

Are you struggling to streamline operations? Having a tough time figuring out who did what on each job? Do you waste precious time coordinating your team across multiple offices and time zones? Detailed activity logs, distributed notes, issue item tracking, automated reminders and emails, a centralized document repository and even automatic job assignments could make your project run smoother (and your entire team’s health much better).

Do your team members never have critical information available when they need it? Is the information you need buried in emails and attachments? It’s of very little use if you have to dig through emails every time you need something. Once you find it, you let the team know – by sending another email! It’s a vicious cycle that we can help you escape.

Are deadlines missed because things slipped through the cracks? See the forest and the trees. Don’t miss any details with real-time reporting and automated reminders. We will work with you to optimize workflows and automatic notifications so nothing is ever overlooked again.

Do you have trouble providing status reports to management or clients?

Every management report delivery causes a frantic search for spreadsheets on a shared folder, or someone manually compiles data from multiple sources into a master sheet. Sound familiar? In the age of continuous improvement, you should be able to generate those reports or view progress on a dashboard, all in real-time and at the push of a button.

Are you still generating paper trails? Ever wondered why you can pay your household utility bills from your smartphone, but at the office you seem to print everything? Save a few trees and even more time and money… go electronic. We’ll help you.

Does your whole operation run off a desktop database that’s crumbling under load? Sure, that shared database that Tim put together was handy and saved a ton of time 5 years ago, when he built it. But now, it’s choked with data and has become unbearably slow. Plus, Tim took that new job in New York and no one knows how to fix it or add that desperately needed update. This is no way to run a business. We can provide a stable, scalable and secure cloud-based solution to help your ailing database retire.

Does every department seem to have their own home-grown system? The well-intentioned work that each department did to make things better resulted in multiple systems to complete one job. If only you’d captured the energy, effort and ideas that people put into these systems into one seamless solution that meets all requirements. Covius’ CLEAR development process brings a holistic approach that provides a high level of clarity and consistency to every solution.

Do you have lots of workarounds to existing systems? Does the cost and timing of upgrades to an existing system seem to outweigh their benefits, leading your teams to create workarounds to meet additional business needs? Our low-code development approach meets these challenges by allowing for affordable, timely upgrades.

Does it seem to take forever to change systems to keep up with the business environment? Have you changed your processes to keep up with market demands, but find that your workflow application can’t keep pace so end up creating workarounds and tracking documents outside the system? Our Convergence platform supports rapid changes in application workflow that can keep up with the pace of business

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