Why Covius?

Business processes often form organically over time using a combination of documents, spreadsheets and email. While this can be efficient initially, as an organization grows, ad-hoc processes become bottlenecks. Everyone knows there’s a better way, but it’s never obvious how to streamline informal processes, and the perceived cost of a solution always seems to outweigh the potential value.

Covius follows a CLEAR process to deliver an effective business solution that’s custom to your requirements. Rather than asking you to adapt to a complex BPM platform, our customized solution is delivered as a turn-key service—nothing for you to develop or install.

And, instead of coding from scratch, our approach leverages a SaaS application platform we manage called Convergence™ — a toolkit of ready-made modules that we assemble to create a custom application to meet your specific needs. This approach also drives an affordable pricing model that fits your expectations and budget.

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An inefficient process won’t benefit from a BPM system. Our team of experienced analysts work together with your operations personnel to understand your existing process but then apply “process excellence” principles to gain efficiency by reducing redundancy and automating tasks.


Our development philosophy is to match our solution to your operation. We focus on utilizing reusable modules from the ConvergenceTM framework toolkit that fit together smartly to deliver a customized solution, but at the cost and implementation ease of an off-the-shelf product.


With SaaS, you can focus on your business and let us handle the technology. No more server room costs and responsibilities. Our best-in-class technology and hosting facilities keep your applications running securely so that you can focus on what matters most— your business.


User Interfaces

Improve efficiency and throughput with meaningful user interfaces that are custom designed to enhance your specific process.

Data Integration

Dramatically increase speed, consistency and accuracy of data collection with our interfaces and flexible data validation controls.

Communication & Collaboration

Improve your responsiveness to customer requests via a fully-integrated, mobile-supported electronic communication platform.

Business Intelligence

Improve visibility into processes, identify bottlenecks and provide real-time reporting delivery to operations, finance, executives and clients alike.

Document Repository

Integrated, secure document management provides seamless user experience that increases ease of use and work throughput.

Workflow Engine

Enhance responsiveness to market changes with our highly-flexible, event-based workflow engine that drives all activities in the system.

System Integrations

Work in concert with other systems via an industry standard, secure integrations module to reduce redundancy and data inconsistency.

Reporting & Analytics

Make quicker, more informed decisions. Slice and dice data in real-time via dashboards, ad-hoc and standardized reports.


Trust that your data is secure behind state-of-the-art security features. Control user permissions with ease via flexible role based security model.


Case Management

Orchestrate teams both near and far with an online portal that provides your team with the right information when they need it, where they need it—securely.

Order Management & Fulfillment

Enhance your client’s user experience and interaction with a robust real-time work item entry and tracking portal accessible from any web browser.

Process Optimization

Enable your teams to take on more volume by optimizing existing resources using our platform to automate mundane tasks, faciliate the workflow and monitor progress.

Document Management

A simple, secure web-based document management system implemented across your organization, either as a stand-alone product or integrated into an overall process management system.

Compliance/Risk Management

Rigorous security and compliance is necessary today. Leverage our holistic approach to data protection – advanced infrastructure and 24x7x365 monitoring provides the peace-of-mind you require.

End-to-End Integration

See the big picture through aggregation of processing data from system integrations. Allow management to more easily monitor the entire process, identify bottlenecks and streamline operations.


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